Stoltenberg: NATO ready to deploy a full-scale force to defend its eastern flank

Jens StoltenbergPhoto: AP Photo / Virginia Mayo

NATO is preparing plans to deploy a permanent full-scale force on the Alliance’s eastern flank, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg says.

In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, the NATO chief says that the force will be able to stop an invading army.

He also noted that NATO is in the midst of a very fundamental process of change that will reflect the long-term effects of the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“No matter when and how the war in Ukraine ends, the war has already had long-term consequences for our security. NATO must adapt to the new reality. And that is exactly what we will do,” Stoltenberg said.

Large-scale military presence

According to the NATO chief, the Alliance will put in place a large-scale military presence on its eastern flank.

“We must ensure that we are still able to protect and defend all NATO allies in a more dangerous world,” he said, adding that the change must be followed up by NATO member states. 

They must spend more money on their defense budget, according to Stoltenberg. He referred specifically to Germany’s promise to spend 2% of the country’s GDP on defense.

“With the size of Germany’s economy, this will really make a huge difference,” he noted.

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2 Comments on "Stoltenberg: NATO ready to deploy a full-scale force to defend its eastern flank"

  1. Fine, as long as we/NATO don’t cross the border into Ukraine or Belarus – not that we aren’t already at war against Russia feeding weapons into the conflagration.
    As to “the force will be able to stop an invading army” I cannot foresee the Russians ever wanting to do a land invasion of another country again, for decades or ever. 🙂

    In any case, there are serious complaints from the families of our over-deployed/exhausted U.S. servicepeople, so we want this war ended for good, with a clear and fair and permanent peace treaty as soon as possible.

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