Stoltenberg telephoned by President Trump on Sunday

NATO Secretary General Jens StoltenbergNATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg.Photo: (AP Photo/Visar Kryeziu)

NATO’s General Secretary Jens Stoltenberg and President Donald Trump agreed on Sunday that leaders of NATO countries will meet with President Trump in May.

According to a press release from The White House, President Trump telephoned Stoltenberg on Sunday and expressed his “strong support” to the alliance, but also requires that the European members must contribute more.

During the conversation President Trump agreed to meet with leaders from NATO countries in Europe in late May.

– The parties agreed to continue close coordination and cooperation in order to meet all the security challenges facing NATO, said the press release.

USA currently contributes a considerable amount of resources to the NATO cooperation, and it is not the first time President Trump points out that the other members need to contribute more.

– The leaders discussed how to encourage all the NATO allies to meet its defence commitments, was also mentioned in the press release.

In addition to the NATO meeting in May, Stoltenberg and President Trump also spoke about the possibilities for a peaceful solution to the conflict in Ukraine.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today