Stoltenberg: – The world has become more dangerous

Jens StoltenbergOslo.Jens Stoltenberg : Vidar Ruud / NTB scanpix
  • “We live in an uncertain and dangerous world. We need more international cooperation, not less,” says NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg
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“Agreements are being cut down, customs walls are being built and international agreements are under pressure,” said Stoltenberg when he spoke to NHO’s annual conference on Wednesday.

He shows, among other things, that Russia for several years has broken the agreement on the mid-range weapons from 1987, which imposed a ban on new weapons. This also means that the agreements against nuclear weapons are in danger of weathering, according to Stoltenberg.

  • “It surprises me how little attention this gets,” he says.

To deal with increasing uncertainty, one must contribute to more transatlantic cooperation, not less, is the clear message of the NATO Commander. Norway should do more here, he emphasizes.

  • “We are the only country with a border with Russia that does not spend 2 per cent on defense. In a more uncertain world, we must invest in security,” says Stoltenberg, who also believes it is very important to strengthen the internal cohesion of NATO and invest in the alliance to ensure sustainability over the next decades.

“This is now under pressure because many countries, especially the United States, believe it is an unfair burden-sharing in NATO,” says Stoltenberg, who warns against believing that an EU defense can replace transatlantic cooperation.

“After brexit, 80 percent of NATO’s revenue will come from non-EU countries,” he says.

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