Stoltenberg warns against giving Putin “exit ramp” from Ukraine war

Jens StoltenbergPhoto: Annika Byrde / NTB

An end to the war in Ukraine can’t mean that the Ukrainians are forced to bow to Russia’s aggression, NATO chief Jens Stoltenberg said on Monday.

He told the newspaper Aftenposten that it is dangerous to blindly insist on the logic that would see the West give Putin such an “exit ramp.”

“We all have a responsibility to find ways to end the war, but that can’t mean that we will force Ukraine to bow to the Russians’ aggression. Firstly, we do not have the right to put that kind of pressure on Kyiv. Secondly, we risk rewarding Russian abuse of power,” NATO’s Secretary-General warned.

Supporting Ukraine

He emphasized that the goal is to help Ukraine survive as an independent state.

“We support them in their self-defense, which is a right enshrined in the UN Treaty. We have no goal of regime change in Moscow or offensive goals against Russia,” Stoltenberg told Aftenposten.

He added that people must be prepared for a protracted war, at worst for several years.

“Wars are unpredictable, but an alternative is that it goes from being a high-intensity war to becoming a painful, persistent conflict that fluctuates in intensity. We must not forget that there has been a war in the Donbas since 2014,” Stoltenberg said.

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1 Comment on "Stoltenberg warns against giving Putin “exit ramp” from Ukraine war"

  1. Stoltenberg’s colossally arrogant hypocrisy – and dishonesty – just BOGGLES.

    This is the kind of Big Lie that got us into Iraq, Libya – for which he, Jonas, and their good buddy, outside agitator Bernard-Henri Levy who led the 2014 Kyiv coup street demonstrations, already have so much Libyan blood on their hands – Syria, and now risking nuclear holocaust against/with nuclear superpower Russia about Ukraine.
    And if that happens at least half the criminally unprepared men, women, and children in Norway will die horribly of blast, radiation, and/or starvation.
    (About 5 years ago, Per Brekke confirmed to me there are fallout spaces identified for only half of Norway’s population, and those are probably in the wretched shape described in the NRK report Die Glemte Rommene … except for our war-eager elites, of course.)

    My previous comment about this, edited:

    Meanwhile, NATO SecGen Jens Stoltenberg has come out against giving Putin an “off ramp,” presumably meaning a fair treaty with territorial concessions like Henry Kissinger urged, saying “Russian aggression” must not be rewarded.
    But what about the West’s aggression – the 2014 Kyiv coup we backed, breaking our Budapest peace agreement with the Russians as well as the sovereignty of the legal Ukraine government (and The Atlantic Charter) – which started the war?

    Obviously, Stoltenberg thinks we the West are “exceptional” and don’t have to live up to our “rules based international order” we expect others to obey. His opposition to the fair treaty the Russians need and we OWE them, which would have avoided the war entirely … the West’s decisive opposition to the treaty caused the war … makes him too – by Nuremberg – guilty of this continuing holocaust and all its atrocities.

    I again ask people to carefully consider my column “Lou Coatney: Russia now left no choice but nuclear war” posted by Yahoo! Finance.
    If we think it can’t happen, it can. And if we think it won’t happen, it *will*.

    Jens Stoltenberg’s fanatically uncompromising warmongering is a clear and present and deadly danger to world peace and to our families.

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