Stoltenberg warns Russia against attacking supply lines

Jens Stoltenberg - NATOPhoto: Yves Herman / Pool Photo via AP

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg warns Russia against attacking the supply lines NATO countries are using to supply Ukraine.

“An attack on NATO territory, on NATO forces, and on NATO capabilities would be an attack on NATO,” Stoltenberg told Canadian CBC News.

It is feared that Russia will try to prevent the outside world from delivering weapons and other supplies to Ukrainian forces. 

Stoltenberg admits that the supply lines within the country are vulnerable to artillery and aircraft attacks.

However, the right of NATO countries to supply Ukraine with weapons is enshrined in the UN Charter, he added.

Source: © NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today / #NorwayTodayNews

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1 Comment on "Stoltenberg warns Russia against attacking supply lines"

  1. After all our – the West’s *and* NATO’s – regime-change attempts and holocaust wars, it’s always entertaining to see someone like Jens trying to invoke the UN Charter to protect our Western eviltry. He appears to be scared.
    Jens is very dangerously deluding himself and thus endangering millions of others. For one thing, Ukraine’s government was spawned by a coup, not a revolution, and is arguably illegitimate. Then there is its Nazi element even to the point of voting against the pro forma anti-Nazi UN General Assembly Resolutions in the past 2 years, at least.
    And today on VG, international law expert Cecilie Hellestveit explained that sending weapons to a nation actually at war is not protected as Jens claims.
    NATO was intended to be a passive, defensive alliance. It was never intended to protect members that get themselves into war.
    And Sweden has really hanged itself out, sending weapons to Ukraine to kill young Russians and not even a NATO member.
    Radical chic, fanatic “interventionists” like Jens have already proven to be dangers humanity in those regime-change attempts and holocaust wars like Libya which he and Jonas Støre got Norway to support, evilly.

    We had better grant the Russians the fair security treaty they need, before this blows up farther.
    We *should* have done so before it did and so many people have been hurt and killed and so much destruction has happened, but our uncompromising fanatics … and a diabolical U.S. president … wouldn’t allow that.

    Here are the now 4 motives I see for Biden&Blinken not reassuring the Russians and going ahead and letting the war happen:

    1. To return the world to an economically and politically (and militarily) segregated bipolar Cold War state, to safeguard Western economic and political hegemony.

    2. To pursue the World War 2 strategy of knocking off the European opponent before the Asian opponent, to regain for the U.S. and West strategic military hegemony.

    3. To have a major war to finally get that Democrat war powers dictatorship he, Joe Lieberman, and John McCain tried to get with our wrongful (Rambouillet Appendix B) 1999 Kosovo bombing war,
    and the neocon Washington Post, for example, has already eagerly hailed Joe to be a “wartime president.”

    4. Consistent with the Democrat line that Trump and the Republicans were and are pro-Russian to the point of treasonous, to politically polarize Americans into “pro-war patriots” vs. “anti-war traitors” – the latter like myself being rational, realist dissidents opposing the holocaust their pro-superpower-war policy is propelling us into.

    In any case, I indeed think it is time for Jens to find another line of work.

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