Støre insists there will be no NATO bases in the north

Photo: Johan Falnes / NTB

NATO is building up its military presence on the eastern flank. But Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) will not reconsider the policy on military bases in Norway.

On Thursday, Støre attended an extraordinary summit at NATO headquarters in Brussels to discuss the Allies’ response to the war in Ukraine.

NATO has responded to the invasion with a significant build-up of forces in the east.

But something similar when it comes to the Allied presence in the north is not an option for Norway, according to Støre.

“The combination of history and geography can lead to different needs when it comes to security,” he said.

“We have managed to keep low tensions in the north in these times. It is an experience we want to safeguard. We have not signaled a need or desire to change that.” 

Norwegian declaration on military bases 

The Norwegian declaration on military bases from 1949 states that Norway shall never undertake to open bases for foreign military forces on Norwegian territory in peacetime.

In addition, Norway has refrained from holding Allied exercises near the border with Russia.

“I think that the principles we have had for Allied exercises in Norway… have served Norway, the neighborhood, and NATO well,” Støre told NTB.

This spring, the Storting will decide on a new defense agreement with the United States. It will give the Americans the right to set up infrastructure at several Norwegian military bases, but the government has stated that the agreement is not in conflict with Norwegian policy on military bases.

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  1. Thank Heaven and you, Prime Minister Støre.

    In the imminent meantime, here’s hoping we don’t get ourselves into WW3.

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