Støre: NATO countries want Stoltenberg to stay on as Secretary-General – that is a recognition of his solid work

Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB

Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre believes Jens Stoltenberg’s term extension as NATO chief is a recognition of his solid work.

“The fact that all NATO member countries want Jens Stoltenberg to continue (working) as Secretary-General in these turbulent times is a recognition of the solid job he has done and the importance he has for NATO,” Støre told NTB.

On Thursday, Stoltenberg stated that he is resigning from his position as Norway’s central bank governor. Instead, he plans to continue working as Secretary-General of NATO.

“Never before has the Alliance been stronger, and never before in the Alliance’s history has unity been more important,” Støre added.

“President Biden raised the issue at the end of his speech. He said that he had talked to several people, including Stoltenberg, and wanted to suggest that he extend his term by one year. It received immediate applause,” Støre said.

Stoltenberg also received many compliments from the leaders at the summit.

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1 Comment on "Støre: NATO countries want Stoltenberg to stay on as Secretary-General – that is a recognition of his solid work"

  1. But can Jens stop Biden and the others from hurling us all on into nuclear holocaust?

    My comment under the Washington Post article and on’s political soapbox:
    “Biden says Russian use of chemical weapons would trigger a NATO response ‘in kind’ By Amy Wang 2:04 p.m.”
    and the others have said use of biological or nuclear weapons would do the same.

    So that’s IT, then. Unless the Russians fire Secretary of State Alexander Haig’s “nuclear warning shot” and sober him up, Biden’s going to get his (world) war.

    The Ukrainians, probably with assistance by the “English-speakers” who do them in Syria, will stage a false flag chemical attack, we/NATO will “retaliate,” the Russians will not put up with that, and this will immediately escalate into world nuclear holocaust consuming our families.

    I have a good friend back in Alaska, in Anchorage. He and I coordinated our efforts to defend national defense and nuclear deterrence – including the Strategic Defense Initiative/Star Wars – in the public forum in Juneau back in the 80s, when I worked in the State Library and he was a legislative aide.
    He is a rock-solid moderate Republican, and he’s pretty depressed. He writes he cannot believe the irrational pro-war hysteria not just among the Palin bubbas around him there. He says he’s going to retire to his study with a bottle of whiskey to await the Russian nuke, and he seldom drinks.

    STUPID “world leaders” … of lemmings.

    And NO civil defense … except for them and *their* families.

    Lou Coatney, usma x1968 Co. K-1, AUS (volunteer draftee) 67-69 ConUS&USArEur

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