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Støre primes his guns against the government

Musket StøreMusket ready to be primed and loaded. Photo: Andrik Langfield / Unsplash


Støre sharpens the knives against the «gang of four»

Leader of Labour, Jonas Gahr Støre, promises clear opposition to the Norwegian four-party government. He is ready to take over if the bourgeois loses the general elections in 2021.


“This is a government for increased differences. It weakens the community and the opportunities we have to give everyone more control and freedom over their own lives,” Støre thunders as the government platform is debated in the Norwegian Parliament.

“This is the main picture: More power to the Conservatives and the Progress Party in the areas of economics, welfare and working life. That this policy obtains the majority together with the Christian Democrats and the Liberals is regrettable,” Støre continues.

He is just as harsh in his judgement of the three other government parties, who have conceded to the Christian Democrats (KrF) with respect to abortion and biotechnology.


He further criticises the parties in the political centre – the Christian Democrats and the Liberals (Venstre) – for securing the majority for, what he calls, more privatisation of the society’s welfare and increasing differences.

The Conservatives (Høyre) and the Progress Party (Frp) is, on their part, criticised for having given the Christian Democrats too much influence regarding abortion and biotechnology. There are few areas that interfere in people’s lives as these do, the Leader of Labor believes

It is, therefore, so provocative that the Conservatives and the Progress Party limit women’s rights and have agreed to freeze the biotechnology law to ensure power, Støre goes on.

A chaotic alternative

He is met with questions from Helleland about what kind of alternative he really fronts. The Conservative’s parliamentary leader, Trond Helleland, refers to polls where the other opposition parties – the Centre Party (Sp), Red and Greens (MDG) – jointly are equal in size to Labour (Ap).

“The only thing these parties agree on is overthrowing the Solberg government. They do not agree on a common direction, Helleland retorts. He highlights policy areas such as green fees, immigration policy and wolf policy, as well as the framework for the oil industry and the EEA”

“Doesn’t this discord constitute complete chaos?” he asks.

Støre repose by stating that the parties in opposition agree on the main direction. He asserts that Labour – just like the Conservatives – will be able to seek out compromises.

“I believe that Helleland should take responsibility for their own diversity in government. Then Labour will make sure we have the policy to show the voters that Labour will be able to take responsibility for Norway in 2021 – if this government loses the majority,” Støre concludes.

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