Støre: The regional reform is total crap

Large Regional Reform Stortinget Parliament parliamentary elections voting ParliamentPacked Parliament for the vote. Photo: Stortinget

Støre: The regional reform is total crap

The regional reform is a Swiss cheese reform; Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre said when he for the first time entered the pulpit inaugurating the new parliament.


The Parliamental debate was inaugurated on Tuesday, and Støre pointed to that the Government aims to create a sustainable welfare society.

“Then the next four years must not be anything resembling the previous four,” he said, pointing, among other things, to the spenditure of oil money.

Støre promised that Ap are going to be both constructive and critical in opposition.

The Conservatives parliamentary leader, Trond Helleland, queried whether Labour are willing to contribute to reforms in the public sector.

Strengthen the Counties

– The word reform entails doing things better, Støre pointed out, and suggested that this is not the case with regional reform. He showed to that the Governing parties wants to get rid of the county level in the public sector.

– It’s important to be on the same team as with those who work in the sector. The ones who work there are the best resources we possess, according to Støre.

Støre pointed out the need to employ more pepole, strengthen the fight against social dumping in working life, improve the quality of care for the elderly, cutting in greenhouse gas emissions as important issues for the future.He also called for the issue of gender equality in the Government’s state of the Nation speech, which was held during the opening of the Parliament on Monday, and pointed to Labour’s proposal to increase the paternal leave to 14 weeks.

– It is not to the right of the Conservatives the good solutions are to be sought. We will do what we can to pull the politics towards the left, he concluded.


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