Støre says Ap has failed in the immigration debate

Jonas Gahr StøreLabour Leader, Jonas Gahr Støre.Photo:

The Labour Party (Ap) leader Jonas Gahr Støre defends the party’s tougher line on the immigration debate. When the system breaks down, the discussion can not be left to Frp, he says.

Støre rejects that he has taken on the Progress Party’s clothing (FRP) even though he now advocates increased aid to neighborhoods, warns against the development of parallel communities and talks about avoiding fear in communities where quota refugees will be settled.

“At the core, Ap has been recognisable in our immigration policy and integration policy. Values ​​like solidarity and justice are well taken care of. But we have looked away too much when the debate has arisen because we have emphasized other issues, he says to NTB.

He adds that immigration issues concern people and establish that Ap should be visible in areas that engage people.

– Then we need to adjust and take part in the discussion. We must do that without becoming a hostage to Frp. They do not own the debate, says the Ap-leader to NTB.

In his speech during a Nordic conference for social democratic parties and trade unionism in Stockholm on Monday, Støre said that the world’s asylum system is collapsing with high risk for those who are trying to escape.

The answer is increased help in the neighborhoods and prioritisation of quota refugees through the UN. At the same time, the control of those who come must be good and integration must work so well that it does not trigger turmoil in the communities.

Støre strongly rejects that this wipes out the divide between AP and Frp on immigration policy.


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