Støre:-unemployment is very serious for Norway

Jonas Gahr StøreTromsø.Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre .Photo: Jan-Morten Bjørnbakk / NTB scanpix

Labor leader Jonas Gahr Støre used his May 1 speech for criticising a government which he believes does not take the fact that there are 135,000 unemployed people in Norway now seriously.

We are now seeing the highest unemployment figure  since the 90’s. This is dramatic and very serious for a small country like Norway. Unemployment is a waste of resources. That’s something we cannot afford , and that’s why we have to combat unemployment, the Labor leader said in his May 1 speech in Tromsø.
The May 1 procession, which took place in glorious sunshine, was the largest such procession in Tromsø in  several years. The procession included many slogans about unemployment and international solidarity, but the main slogan was devoted to dockers in Tromsø who have gone on  sympathy strikes for almost three consecutive years.

50 new every day
Not surprisingly, unemployment and how the government have handled the unemployment was the main topic of Støre’s speech on Stortorget( The Big Market).
He attacked the government for not taking the situation seriously and to use 50 million kroner on tax cuts each day, while the number of unemployed people increases by 50  people each day. According to Støre, Prime Minister Erna Solberg (H), plays down the unemployment crisis in Norway
– It only applies to and affects some areas, she says. We have all heard that one before. It only affects other people, not me. After two and a half years of this government, these are the three things that have grown; oil spending,  economic differences and unemployment, Støre said.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today