Støre asks if the PM has control of Sandberg

Støre Sandberg, ControlLabour Part Leader, Jonas Støre (right) wonders if Prime Minister Solberg has control of "the loose cannon on deck", Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg (Progress Party). Photo: /Pixabay

Støre wonders if Solberg has control of Sandberg

Labour leader Jonas Gahr Støre asks whether Prime Minister Erna Solberg (Conservatives) is in control of what Minister of Fisheries, Per Sandberg (Progress Party) is doing.


The question comes after Sandberg was present in his role as Cabinet Minister at the Iranian Embassy’s celebration of the revolution day in February. writes Dagbladet.

– The question is whether the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Prime Minister was aware of the participation of the Minister of Fisheries, or whether this is private-practising of foreign policy under the auspices of Per Sandberg. If that is the case, it is yet another example that the Prime Minister is not in charge of her Cabinet Minister, Støre tells the newspaper.

Sandberg is also criticised by his own party colleague, Christian Tybring-Gjedde, for participating in the national celebration that marks the incept of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

– Participation in such a celebration is to make fun of the freedom values that our society is founded on, says Tybring-Gjedde, who believes Sandberg is «flipping the bird» at the Norwegian foreign policy.

Several in the opposition in the Norwegian Parliament have asked the Prime Minister to answer questions regarding Sandberg’s relationship with his girlfriend, Norwegian-Iranian refugee, Bahareh Letnes, and their journey to Iran. Dag Terje Andersen (Labour), chairing the Parliment’s Control and Constitution Committee, opened for the matter being considered by the committee.


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