Støre’s 100-day plan for the new government: Has the Labor Party delivered on its promises?

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The Labor Party gave voters a 40-point plan for its first 100 days in government. As the deadline expired, 7 points were left unrealized. 

NTB has reviewed all 40 points in the Labor Party’s 100-day plan and assessed whether they had been implemented or not.

In the election campaign, the Labor Party promised to submit proposals on all these issues before 100 days had passed in government, i.e., before Saturday, January 22.

The overview shows that:

  • 7 points have not realized
  • 13 have been partially realized
  • 20 have been realized


When NTB spoke with Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Støre (AP) about the 100-day plan earlier this week, he said he was satisfied with his own achievement of goals – even though his government did not manage to fulfill all its goals. 

“The 100-day plan was meant to show voters what ‘we would start with if we get government power.’ And we have done that. Despite the fact that we had the Kongsberg crisis the day we took over, despite the electricity crisis, and the pandemic,” he told NTB.

The following points are among those that have not been realized in the first 100 days: 

  • to end the privatization of cleaning in the Armed Forces, 
  • to set up an energy commission and an executive pay commission, 
  • to stop the reform in the taxi industry,
  • and to repeal the restrictions in the abortion law.

The Labor Party did not get the support on the final point (abortion reform) from the Center Party in the government negotiations, but Støre points out that most of the points are in the Hurdal platform and that both government parties have worked together to get them in place.

No regrets

13 of the 40 promises in the 100-day plan have only been partially fulfilled, according to NTB’s overview.

Among other things, the Labor Party promised to double the trade union deduction to NOK 7,700. This year’s state budget introduces half of the increase, while the government promises to do more later.

“It will not be doubled, it will be increased halfway, and the rest will come next year. And I think the trade union movement is happy with that. Something is happening in contrast to eight years where everything has gone down,” Støre said.

He does not regret presenting the voters with a 100-day plan despite not being able to deliver on it. 

“It was very wise, and I am very happy that we did it! I think everyone understands that you can not expect to reach 100% in such a large project,” Støre said.

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