Storhaug wants to censor the Koran and close down mosques

Hege Storhaug signing the book: "Islam. The 11. "landeplage"Oslo:Author Hege Storhaug signing the book: "Islam. The 11. "landeplage" after a debate on Islam at Cosmopolite Scene . Photo: Fredrik Varfjell / NTB scanpix

Islam critic Hege Storhaug (Human Rights Service (HRS) ) wants drastic measures to be taken to “rescue” Norway from the threat she believes extreme Islam poses. Her suggestions include the closing down of some mosques and the censoring of Koranic translations.

In a major interview with Aftenposten the Islam critic brings more specific and often radical proposals. In addition to the censoring of the Koran and closing down of some mosques, she is calling for hijab ban at all levels of education, governemental control of Muslim communities, stricter border policies in Europe and paying  what she calls “dysfunctional” families from the Islamic-dominated world to return to their countries of origin.
– Considering the welfare state sustainability for the next generation, I think that Siv Jensen’s would be remembered fondly if she  spent some some billions on this, says Storhaug, who believes that many would have accepted such offers.
Thedeputy leder of Progress Per Sandberg told the newspaper that several of Storhaug’s points have come up in discussions , but he thinks the proposal of censoring the Koran is going too far.
– I am strongly opposed to cencorship,  Sandberg said, and he also states that he does not want  Norwegian politicians to control how the Muslims are practicing their religion. Also politicians from other parties react, and Aps Helga Pedersen believes Storhaug defines itself from the debate.
Basim Ghozlan in the Islamic Association told Aftenposten that he thinks the proposals are a recipe for polarization, extremism and chaos.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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  1. Muhsin Beshir | 14. September 2016 at 23:32 |

    Norway as a country with a small population must be careful with Islam. Islam is not compatible with democracy and tolerance and the aim of most moslems when they come to Europe is not to be integrated but to be dominant. They say Norwegians are Kufar (infidels) while they beg for their money. When I say this, I do not mean that there are no decent Moslems like me who respect Norwegians and their culture of tolerance and respect for the right of others. So, I stand with the author except on censorship which goes too far. Any asylum seeker who claims that he wants to respect his culture or identity and runs against Norwegian norms must leave the country and practice whatever he want in his beloved country if he has any. On the other hand Moslems never ever give Christians any basic right in Islamic countries. They abuse them and treat them as if they are animals. Saudi Arabia is a typical example. Christians cant worship their religion and cant be buried there if they die but they want the holy land where Christ was born for themselves. What a paradox, they insult Christians as infidels but they want their land and their property. The problem is especially the Arabs are very backward and cant understand the world which has become so much sophisticated for them to understand.

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