A strained Eirik Jensen had many supporters in the courtroom

Eric JensenOSLO.Clearly nervous even met corruption defendant Eric Jensen (59) to the first day in Oslo District Court.Photo : Cornelius Poppe / NTB scanpix

Clearly nervous , defendant Eirik Jensen (59) met for his first day in Oslo District Court. The meeting with his former source, Gjermund Cappelen (50), was just as cool as expected.

– There was no warm reunion, but a tense atmosphere just as expected, said Cappelen’s  lawyer, Benedict de Vibe to the news agency NTB.

When the charges were read out,  Cappelen acknowledged guilt on all counts of the indictment that includes import of 16 tons of hashish, and for having corrupted the undercover cop Eirik Jensen.

The two former friends only glanced a few times in each other’s direction inside the courtroom, and the defense attorney was obviously right. There was certainly no cordiality between the two men.

– Absurd

Jensen is accused of having been bought by his main informer within the criminal environment. The Norwegian Bureau for Investigation of Police Affairs says the former well respected police officer had been involved in the importation of  13.9 of tonnes of hashish that Cappelens brought into the country.

Their Co-operation is said to have stretched back to the 1990s. Jensen denies guilt on all counts of the indictment, also in connection with numerous violations of the Firearms Act, although he acknowledged the actual incidents.

– He regards it quite absurd for him to get such charges read out in court. He is a merited police officer who is used to working for the other side of such indictments, said Jensen’s defender John Christian Elden in a break.

On Tuesday  , the Assistant Chief of Bureau Guro Glærum Kleppe, will provide the court with a review of the evidence they believe will convict Eirik Jensen after the indictment.

– Colleagues in the saddle

The now retired policeman had many supporters amongst the audience in the packed hall 250 in Oslo Courthouse.  Former colleagues had turned up to show sympathy and support.

Along with his defenders, he has committed himself to disprove the police and the Bureau’s longstanding investigation.

Gjermund Cappelen and large parts of his network were arrested by the police in Asker and December 19, 2013.

Meanwhile, they also found several hundred kilograms of hashish. After over two weeks in custody, during a three-day long interrogation, he named Eirik Jensen as an important partner over several years.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today