A stranger got into the bed of a ten year old

Oslo District Court honour killing murder rape judgeOslo District Court . Photo: wikimedia.org

On the second day of new year, last year, a man in his 20’s went into an apartment building in the center of Oslo and laid down in a bed of a ten-year-old girl. He is now being charged with assault.


The man first walked into an unlocked door in an apartment building, went up one floor and into an apartment where the front door was not locked. Inside the apartment he entered a bedroom where two girls one four and the other ten years, were sleeping.

The prosecutor believes that he then took off his sweater and got into bed with the ten year old girl and kissed her on the mouth, reports TV 2.

The girl woke up, screaming and ran into the room of her parents.

“I’ve never heard of anything like this, this is a very special case,” says police attorney Pål-Fredrik Hjort Kraby to TV 2. The man refuses that he had undressed himself and kissed the ten year old, but the police believe the girls’ explanation. Examination from the hospital later showed that the girl was not raped.

The man is now being charged with sexual assault against a child under the age of 16, and the trial started on Monday, against him at the Oslo District Court.

The Defendant came to Norway from Afghanistan in 2009 on political asylum. A new application for a residence permit will soon be up for approval by the immigration authorities.

The man was arrested just after he left the apartment after the parents of the girl had woken up. Blood samples taken show that he was inebriated with both alcohol and by THC, which is the active substance in cannabis.

He has also been charged with other offenses, such as groping the behind of a female police officer and stealing a mobile phone.


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