Strangled cat found in Lindås Hordaland

PolicePolice. Photo: Norway Today Media

A cat was found strangled with a zip-tie at Lindas road in Hordaland, said police.

– We have received information of a dead cat is strangled with a zip tie around the neck, wrote Western Police on Twitter. Police were sent to the site to investigate.

– The cat probably has a chip so we can find out who the owner is, said operations manager Kjersti Eidsnes said. She is not saying anything about the penalty for this type of animal cruelty.

According to Section 37 of the law on animal welfare the maximum penalty for serious crimes like this is three years in prison, and otherwise one year for willful or gross negligent.

In September last year the High Court sentenced a man to 90 days imprisonment for having tied his dog to a cement block and throwing it into the sea in Moss.

The judgment was upheld by the Supreme Court in February. In January, a farmer from Jøa in Nord-Trondelag was sentenced to 120 days imprisonment for having starved 92 cows to death.

Animal cruelty advocates believe that the penalties in these type of cases must be harsher.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today