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Strawberry farmers in the north are avoiding the fungal infestation

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The fungi “Gråskimmelsopp” has caused major damage and loss of revenue for strawberry farmers in the east, but in Northern Norway the berries probably won’t be affected by the fungus infestation.

– Strawberry cultivation is a risky sport, but I do not fear that we will be hit by gråskimmelsoppen which is ravaging in southern Norway, says Marianne Vik from Kvæfjord, the largest producer of strawberries in Oslo to NRK.
Adviser Ingrid Myrstad in Norwegian Agriculture Consulting says farmers can never be sure that they will not be affected by a major attack from gråskimmelsopp, which occurs naturally in the earth, but adds that strawberry producers in north probably do not have much to fear this year.

The strawberry farmers in Hedmark and Oppland have so far avoided it, also.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today

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