“The Stream” sold to USA

"The Stream" sold to USA"The Stream" .Photo: TV2

The biggest TV export from Norway ever has just occured.
This autumn Norwegian TV viewers looked at participants in “The Stream” sing on Friday night.

Last week it became clear which nine ultimately left with a record deal with the world’s three biggest record companies.

Today it was announced that TV2, production company Monster and music producer Jørn Dahl “Little Hill”, has sold “The Stream” format to NBC Universal in the United States.

This is the biggest TV exports from Norway ever, reports tv2.no.

Hit a nerve

Trond Håndlykken Kvernstrøm director of the channel and programming in TV2, says he has always been a champion of developing and selling Norwegian ideas.

– In TV2 the last two to three years has had a commitment to develop ideas that can also go “worldwide”. “The Stream” has struck a nerve, he says to tv2.no.

– This is the biggest TV export ever, says CEO Espen Huseby in Nordic World to tv2.no, adding that it’s fun to get a deal with one of the largest television companies.

Creating new artists

“The Stream” is a new, Norwegian-developed program with the goal of discovering and creating new artists.

There are companies Sony, Warner and Universal who have signed three artists. Artists they take with them into live broadcasts starting tonight.

Source: Dagbladet  / Norway Today