Strong criticism of the Labour leadership

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Strong criticism of the Labour leadership in internal report

In a report stamped secret, the election campaign leaders in the Labour Party receives strong criticism from employees who believe they were neither seen nor heard by the Labour Leadership during the election campaign.


The report points, among other things, to “an extremely bad working environment”, lack of respect and fear-based leadership that affected women more than men, writes VG, who has seen the report prepared by the trade union for the employees of the Labour’s parliamentary group.

The criticism particularly mentions Trond Giske, who was effectively the party’s election campaign general.

– It is perceived as very frustrating or perhaps almost scary that there is no one to go to when problems arise. Our leadership is not there when we need one to stand up against the politically elected during the election campaign. Or, as one says, who to contact when it’s the management that are the bad guys, the report says.

Giske, who on Monday was exempted from office as Labour Deputy Leader for an indefinite period, was the only political elected partaking in the party’s election campaign leadership.

Poor leadership

– He was hard to relate to. Professional advice was ignored, professional objections were not desirable. Orders were issued to several counselors at the same time without co-ordination. It was expected that counselors were to work 24/7, seven days a week, according to the report.

– The result was exhausted and demotivated employees who regularly cried at work, it continues.

In the report the trade union asks for a quick and tangible follow-up.

– We are in the process with the parliamentary leader on the follow-up of the report, informs club leader Ingunn Yssen to NTB.

Giske supposedly has never seen the report himself.

– Trond Giske is on sick leave and is not available for comment, but Giske has never seen this report or been informed about particular events, his adviser Bård Flaarønning writes in a text message to VG.


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