Study: Chinese corona vaccine provides protection in 50% of cases

CoronaVac vaccinePhoto: Sinovac / AP Photo / Emrah Gurel

The Chinese-developed Coronavac vaccine has shown protection against COVID-19 in 50.4% of cases, new figures from tests in Brazil show.

The vaccine was developed by the Chinese company Sinovac Biotech and is given to first-line workers and health workers who are in close contact with corona patients.

The Butantan Institute, which will produce the vaccine in Brazil, said last week that the vaccine provided protection in 78% of cases. 

On Tuesday, it was announced that the calculations for the initial figure did not include data from a group with “very mild infections,” the BBC reports.

The institute reiterated that the vaccine is 78% effective in preventing mild cases of infection and has proven to be 100% effective in preventing moderate to severe cases.

“Safe and effective”

“It is a safe and effective vaccine that meets all the requirements for emergency use,” director Dimas Covas at the Butantan Institute, which is owned by the state of São Paulo and is the largest vaccine manufacturer in Latin America, noted.

A total of 12,500 volunteers participated in the trial, and none of them reported any serious side effects or allergic reactions.

Although the vaccine reached the minimum requirement of 50% protection set by the World Health Organization (WHO), it falls behind the vaccines produced by Moderna (94%) and Pfizer / BioNTech (95%).

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