Study: Ethnic Norwegian abusers receive lower punishment

Record high number of rapesRecord high number of rapes.Photo:

A review of 176 judicial cases show that ethnic Norwegian abusers on average receive a 20 percent lighter penalty than offenders from minority groups.

These figures have been revealed in a scientific article written by Researcher Anne Bitsch at the Centre for Gender Research at the University of Oslo and Marit Elisabeth Klemetsen, who has a Doctorate in Economics, writes VG.

– We have taken into account the laws, which the court has been allowed to take into account when considering punishment, to see if factors that are not included in the law, have come into play, says Klemetsen.

The research shows that rapes that occurred during a party were given a lower penalty.

– The study shows that the Norwegian legal system can be controlled by myths about the “ideal victims and aggressors” and in particular when a rape has taken place in a private room, it is taken less seriously, says Bitsch.

High Court Judge Rune Bård Hansen in Agder High Court believes the scientists’ focus on the fact that some factors can reduce punishment, can be misleading and that the conclusions are weakly justified.

– I find myself questioning the researchers’ approach. My experience is that the courts have been loyal and have reached a settlement based on the criminal level that has been decided by the legislative power, he says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today