Study reveals different vaccine coverage among different groups in the health service in Norway

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Many employees in the health service in Norway are vaccinated, but there are also vaccination coverage variations among the employees based on the occupational category and country the employees were born in, according to an FHI study.

In the new study, researchers have categorized detailed information based on occupational categories, place of work, and country in which they were born, and found variations.

Those born in Russia, Serbia, Lithuania, Romania, Poland, Eritrea, and Somalia have the lowest vaccine coverage among health care workers in Norway, with vaccination coverage of between 70 and 80%.

In comparison, employees in the health service who were born in Vietnam, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Denmark have a vaccination coverage of 95% or more, which is slightly higher than employees born in Norway (94%). The report has not examined the reason for the variations between the countries.

In addition, there is also some difference between different occupational groups. Doctors and specialist nurses have a vaccine coverage of 97%, while nursing staff has a vaccination coverage of around 89%. Together with nursing staff, cleaners are the occupational group in the health sector with the lowest coverage.

Overall, many in the health service have been vaccinated. At the end of August, 92% of the personnel had received at least one dose of the corona vaccine. In comparison, 88.6% of the rest of the population had received one vaccine dose up to and including September 5, 2021, according to the report.

The study includes almost everyone who has contact with patients in the health service, which corresponds to approximately 350,000 people.

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