Summer makes a comeback in the south

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Summer makes an about turn in Norway

The weather gods change their mind. They think they have bestowed Northern Norway for long enough and shift their benevolence to the Southrons.

After Northern Norway experience nice temperatures and heaps of sunshine this weekend, the rest of mainland Norway will experience summer temperatures next week – when a new supply of warm air announces its arrival from the south.

“Northern Norway hit the jackpot this weekend, with nice temperatures and weather, but a shift is underway,” Meteorologist of the Meteorological Institute, Espen Biseth Granan, states.

“It is especially Southern Norway that gets most of the warmth bestowed upon it. Northern Norway will experience somewhat unstable weather next week. It is more ‘off and on’ in store there,” he tells NTB.

Best East of the Mountains

“East of the Mountains gets a lot of nice weather, in particular. It will also be acceptable in Western Norway and, eventually, in Trøndelag,” the meteorologist continues.

He points out that they are more vulnerable to rainfall areas and cloud systems that are located out at sea in these parts of Norway. These clouds can enter the land in coastal areas.

There may come local afternoon showers, possibly with thunder, in Eastern Norway. The meteorologist on duty has, however, little faith in that:

“That possibility is minuscule. There are a lot of dry conditions.”

Comes from the south

It is the same hot air that continues to fuel a heat wave on the continent – with temperatures of almost 40 degrees centigrade in Spain and parts of France, which roll in over southern Norway next week. Or, as Granan puts it:

“There are favourable locations of high and low pressures that entice warmer air to come up here.”

NRK  reports that the heat comes to Norway as of Tuesday or Wednesday. Temperatures are expected to reach 30 oC. State Meteorologist, Siri Wiberg, believes that there may well be a heatwave in Norway as well.

A heatwave is defined as above 25 oC, five days in a row. “It may be that”, she tells the Public Broadcaster. The highest temperatures are expected between Wednesday and Friday for southern Norway.

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Less summer days in total

So far this year, however, we cannot compete with the number of summer days – that is, days when the temperature rises above 20 oC – compared with last year. Yr wrote before the weekend that «there have been noticeably fewer such days» this year than last year.

The summer days have been unevenly distributed among the cities. Some have, for example, experienced more summer days during spring, than so far this summer.

Best comes, according to Yr’s statistics, Oslo out. It has been 41 summer days there, so far this summer. In second place follows Bergen, which, on July 18th, could tick off 24. Last year’s figures for the two cities were 64 and 40 summer days, respectively.

Before the weekend, Climate Watch of the Meteorological Institute, Line Bolstrand, comfortingly wrote on Yr :

“It’s still a long time left of the summer. We will probably see several summer days before it is over.

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