Summer heat: Norway has registered 12 days in a row with temperatures over 25 degrees in July

Bjørvika - Oslo - summerPhoto: Annika Byrde / NTB

According to the Meteorological Institute, Monday will be the twelfth day in a row that temperatures surpassing 25 degrees will be measured in at least one place in Norway. 

“Trøndelag and Finnmark are among the places that have had most such days,” the meteorologists wrote on Twitter.

“Last weekend in Finnmark was very hot. So far, they have had the highest temperature in the country, with 34 degrees in Banak by Lakselv in Porsanger Municipality,” on-duty meteorologist Magnus Ovhed told news bureau NTB.

“In Trøndelag, it was warmer at the beginning of the month, before the warm air moved north.”

Not extreme

In order for a day to be considered a “high summer day” in Norway, the maximum temperature in at least one place in the country must be above 25 degrees. So it makes no difference whether there are one or a hundred places that reach 25 degrees.

So far in July, we have already reached the same number of high summer days as was the case in the entire July of 2020. But, how are we doing compared to previous years?

“It was probably on the low side last year and on the high side this year. I would not say that this is extreme, but it is a bit unusual,” Ovhed said.

Unstable in the north

But the weather outlook indicates that the warm weather is over for those who live or are vacationing in the north of the country, according to the meteorologist.

“There will be unstable weather in the north with wind from the sea. It will be cooler and with quite a few periods of rain,” Ovhed added.

However, there are many indications that there will be high summer days in the coming weeks.

“In Eastern Norway, there is a probability for many days with over 25 degrees this week. 

“In the west, it will be a bit in between – on and off. We get some precipitation from the west, but there will be quite long periods of sunny weather. But the weather will not be as good as in Eastern Norway,” Ovhed concluded.

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