Summer in the south and winter in the north

Beautiful sun weather forecast neighbour's treesBeautiful sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

The temperatures can raise to around 20 degrees in several places in southern Norway during next few days. But in the north, there will be a battle against wintry conditions.

Southern Norway is becoming very sunny this summer in the next few days.

 “The temperature can creep up to round 20 degrees in many places,” says meteorologist Matilda Hallerstig.

 The Warmest days it seems to be on Friday and Saturday.

 ” Hot air is coming from the south,” explains the meteorologist.

 “Sun cream, hats and sunglasses are advised to be considered” says Hallerstig, who is more reluctant to recommend swimwear, although some would prefer to spend time out in the water in southern part.

 Sunscreen is the most important thing to have

“Water is still very cold tut it is fresh and pleasure. It is important to find Sunscreen for winter bleach skin, she believes.

There is a high pressure in the south, with some wind, which gives the taste of summer. Besides, it’s calm winds.

 “North of the City and in the high mountains, it will be nice weather, but cooler,” adds the meteorologist.

 In northern Norway, it is cloudier with both rain and snow. There will be rain on Thursday, but after that the precipitation can fall like snow or snow showers.

 Flying Pollen?

The heat in south will cause a sharp increase in pollen. The proliferation of pollen from birch and arrow, four and seal on Thursday is expected to be mentioned in the pollen forecast.

– So the people with allergies should rest. For those who are heavily plagued by pollen, it might be nice to seek in the north. At least there will be more wintertime, Hallerstig strikes.

 Is it otherwise interesting to draw attention?

 – No; Summer weather in the south, wintery in the north will be the forecast, says Hallerstig.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today