Summer weather stays longer than previously thought

Hvalstrand bad in AskerHvalstrand bad in Asker.Photo: Vegard Grøtt / NTB scanpix

Temperatures in Norway are ranging from five degrees of 30 this weekend. Those who already are enjoying the summer heat can look forward to more good days.

This week the thermometer crept up in the 30s in many places in Norway, and the fine weather seems to continue. In fact, it seems to be remaining even longer than previously anticipated, said meteorologist Martin Grønnerød by Mateorologisk Institute in Bergen.
“It appears that the warm air is staying a bit longer than it looked like before. Southern Norway’s share will remain at least until the weekend and probably until Thursday. Towards Wednesday it will slowly but surely become lower temperatures when a low pressure from the northern parts of Scandinavia comes with cold air,” says Grønnerød.
Also, on the west coast south of Stad, there will be more days where swimming and beach days are possible, Grønnerød reports.
“A little further north, it is more cloudy. In Trøndelag there may also be some rain on some days.”
While summer weather continues in the south, it remains a stable cold in the north.


Source: / Norway Today