Summer weather throughout the country from next week

SunSun.Photo: Norway Today Media

Finally, the warmth and sun hit northern Norway.The whole country can enjoy over 20 degrees next week.


“A high pressure zone is about to establish itself in Northern Norway.If it is settled first, it may mean a long period of very nice weather. At the moment, it is not certain that it will settle in northern Norway, but it is still going to be very nice next week, said Meteorologist Kristian Gislefoss at the Meteorological Institute.

He expects to see the 20s in Finnmark, Troms and Nordland.

Cold start

Central Norway will get a cold start, but during the weekend the heat will rise.

‘’On Sunday, there is the hope of 20 degrees in both Trøndelag and Møre and Romsdal. The good temperatures will continue until next week.There are possibilities for showers, but a lot of nice weather,’’alerted Gislefoss.

Also, Western Norway will see a lot of sunshine in the future. It could be over 20 degrees and mostly quiet wind conditions.

‘’There will be mostly weather conditions causing a lot of sunshine throughout the period until Friday next week, but with the possibility of a rain shower. Especially on the following Sunday.’’

Beach heat

Southern and eastern Norway has got the heat back. On Wednesday,heat records were recorded this summer at 33.8 degrees in Sigdal in Lower Eggedal in Buskerud.

Thursday could be even a little warmer, and maybe we reach 34 degrees, said the meteorologist.

He said that Oslo is currently one of the hottest capital cities in Europe, only beaten by Madrid.

The heat will again drop sharply by ten degrees on Friday and Saturday.

‘’Then it will be 23 instead of 33. However, you can not use expressions like ‘getting colder,’ but it will get less hot. The advantage is that it will be more level at night with more comfortable temperatures.

Next week it will be warmer again. There is little or no rain in sight until next Friday.

There was a warning about forest fire hazard in the category of “big forest fire hazard” and “very high forest fire hazard” in areas in southern and eastern Norway.


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