Sun returns in Tromsø – the dark season is now over

The sun day in TromsøThe sun day in Tromsø.Photo: Lars Åke Andersen / NTB scanpix

Since the sun went away on November 21, people in Tromsø could finally experience the sun rays again, yesterday.

“Actually, January 15 was when people in Tromsø could see the sun again, but that did not apply to those who live on Tromsøya,” writes Nordlys. “They first saw the sun, Monday morning.”

Dark time is a natural phenomenon that occurs in the winter, and just north of the northern polar circle and correspondingly south of the southern polar circle. Then the sun’s path is completely under the horizon, even when it is at its highest.

On the mainland, the dark season is now officially over, except at the North Cape, where one must technically wait until January 22.

In Svalbard and further north, the sun does not return until mid-February, while those in the North Pole must wait until March 18 before the sun returns.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today