Sunnfjord: Man sentenced to prison for stabbing his dog to death

CourtroomPhoto: Torstein Bøe / NTB

A man in his 50s in Sunnfjord has been sentenced to six months in prison in Sogn og Fjordane District Court for killing his own dog in the late winter of this year.

In addition, the man has been banned from owning and keeping animals, according to newspaper Bergens Tidende.

In the late winter of this year, the man stabbed his dog three times, probably with scissors. 

The dog died from the injuries. 

Weapons confiscated

The indictment was issued in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act.

The man pleaded guilty to stabbing the dog but claims it happened in self-defense after the dog bit him and attacked him. 

The prosecutor demanded eight months’ imprisonment and a fine.

The man also had a number of weapons confiscated, including several spring knives.

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