Charged with the murder of Sunniva Ødegård

Sunniva ØdegårdThe 13-year-old Sunniva Ødegård.Photo: Privat / NTB scanpix

17-years-old charged with the murder of Sunniva Ødegård (13)

A local 17-years-old boy is charged with killing Sunniva Ødegård (13) at Varhaug in the southern part of Jæren.


The police held a press conference on the matter Tuesday morning after announcing that there had been a development in the case.

-A 17-years-old male is charged with the murder, says Police Attorney in the Southwest Police District, Herdis Traa.

The 17-years-old is charged based on tips and interrogations in the case. He has been questioned on Monday evening and during the night before Tuesday.

The indicted denies being guilty of what he is charged with – but admits that he has been at the crime scene.


The police will request the 17-year-old detained on Tuesday. He approached the police by himself, according to Traa. She adds that he is previously known to the police, but not for any incidents involving violence.

– They are from Varhaug and in the same age group, but we have no information about whether or not they were close friends. He is known to the police, but not for any violence, says Traa.

Sunniva Ødegård was found dead on a pedestrian path near her home at Varhaug in the Hå municipality at about 3 am on Monday.

Then the family, along with several acquaintances, been searching for the girl since 11 pm in the evening – after the girl did not come home as promised after visiting a friend.

The police also participated in the search after a patrol accidentally met those who were looking for her while they were on another mission in the same area.

In custody for two weeks

The indicted 17-years-old is placed in custody for two weeks.

The charged teenager is also subject to letter and visit control, is confirmed to NRK by Sunniva Ødegård’s support lawyer, Harald Øglænd.

The court’s ruling is in accordance with the request by the police.

The boy denies culpability and did not consent to imprisonment when he was brought before the Jæren District Court on Tuesday afternoon. His defence lawyer has not answered questions from the press.

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