Sunny in the southwest, while it’s snowing in the north, and eastern Norway is freezing

Winter sun HolmenkollenWinter sun. Photo: Norway Today Media

Easter is approaching, but winter is far ahead of us. Spring cold makes a comeback in the south, and low pressure affects northern Norway.


Winter seems to hold the throat the whole country, and at the Meteorological Institute they see no sign of it releasing its icy grip.

“We do get inquiries, and we notice that people are getting bored of the cold. Fortunately,nobody is bothering us’’, said state meteorologist, Magni Svanevik to NTB news, while she gave an overview for the weekend and next week.

“We take northern Norway first. That is where most is happening.


Much suggests a weekend of cold in the north, and the main siege is a low pressure front coming from west over the northernmost part of the country on Friday.

“There will be a deluge in Troms and Finnmark, in most places as snow, but it may be as wind or rain on the coast. During Saturday, rain will rise in the south, and then there will be rain throughout Northern Norway. Then the wind will turn, and proper western winds will blow stiff and strong. There will be a good deal on the coast,” said the meteorologist.

“It will continue to snow all weekend, while the wind will turn northwest on Sunday. Then it will be an even colder at the start of next week’’, said Svanevik

The rainfall will continue, but as snow on Monday and Tuesday in most places. While the wind decreases somewhat in Troms and Nordland, the strong breezes in Finnmark will continue.

“The low pressure front will circulate a little over Finnmark before it moves to Sweden.There will be calmer weather from Wednesday, firstly in Nordland.

Snowing all day on Sunday

The north west coast down to the Sognefjord and Trøndelag will notice the same low
pressure front coming down from the north.

‘’On Friday, the sun will begin to shine, and rain is reported during Saturday. But on
Sunday there will be up to 20 millimeters of rain. It’ll be snow inland from the coast, and rain on the coast’’, said Svanevik.

Central Norway will also notice the wind, but it will move along on Sunday.

‘’It will continue to rain, but during Monday, a wind turbine will lead to air moving northwest, and it will get colder, and the rain will slow down on the coast, and there’ll be snow in the inland areas. The rain will mark the beginning of the week until Wednesday’’,said the meteorologist.

Fine to the south

Southern Norway will be enjoying a sunny weekend. But it will get cold again, especially in exposed places, such as Trysil, and it could end up well into the minus 20’s.

“It will be nice mostly in Eastern Norway, but there’ll be rather cold night temperatures
for this time of year, down to minus 15 degrees, minus 20 degrees inland from the coast.

Since some sun is coming, it will rise to minus 4 to 8 degrees by day, with a good amount of sunshine. This weather will continue into next week, and there is no rainfall to talk about’’, said Svanevik.

In southwest Norway, they can look forward to a very nice weekend. First of all, it will be windy, especially in Rogaland and West Agder, where it may get up to 30 meters per second,but it will have gone during Friday, the expert assured us.

“Especially on Friday and Saturday, it will be very nice in Western Norway. Temperatures will lie down to minus 7 at night on the coast, again even colder in the mountains and inland areas,but also up to zero degrees if the sun gets up during the day, and it seems it will.

At the start of next week, it will be nice in the west, with a little milder weather, and then the clouds will drift in on Monday and Tuesday. Then there will be rain in western Norway on Tuesday and Wednesday, mostly along the coast.

“There will be a small difference between the mountains in southern Norway, so eastern Norway will, as usual, be affected by this low pressure,” said Svanevik.


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