Sunny start to Easter in eastern Norway

NorefjellNorefjell.Photo: Erik Johansen / NTB scanpix

Østlendingene looks set to win the hypothetical competition for the best weather over the palm weekend. Beyond the Easter week, weather will be changeable in most regions.

‘You may want to pack sunglasses, but also waterproofs and windproof clothing if you’re going out at Easter’, said the on-duty state meteorologist, Eldbjørg Moxnes.

A ‘special attention’ obs forecast was sent out on Tuesday for eleven of the country’s counties, but throughout the day and evening of Wednesday, the wind is expected to lower.

Easter holiday will get the best start in the east of the country. Over the Easter weekend, sunny and calm wind conditions are expected in Østafjells, with temperatures around 10 degrees.

‘In Western Norway and Trøndelag, it will be relatively mild, but with a fair amount of rainfall. The snow border is high, so much of it will probably fall as rain. Throughout the next week, it will get colder, said Moxnes.

In Northern Norway, there will be a ‘Feast of Snow’ after days of rain in several places. It could give good skiing conditions. Skiing conditions will not be equally as good in all locations.

In several places in the country, there has been considerably less snow than normal. The mild weather has put alpine plants under pressure, but according to the website, there are still good opportunities in many places.

‘The amount of snow varies widely. In Geilo, there are 20 centimeters of snow, in Sirdal, reports of 65 cm, while Voss has 90’, said Moxnes.

Beyond the Easter week, the prognosis is uncertain. But the chance of sun is present throughout the country.

‘There will be periods of rain, but there are also opportunities for a good deal of sunshine for the majority of people’, said the meteorologist.
Late Easter will have strong sun and attendant radiation. Sunscreen should be packed for the skiing trip.

‘In the mountains of southern Norway, the Easter sun may be as intense as the sun in the south in late May. So remember, both sunscreen and sunglasses’, said scientist of Norwegian Radiation, Bjørn Johnsen, to the Meteorological Institute’s website.

The sun’s reflection from the snow could increase UV levels by over 50%.

‘Also, in light cloudy conditions and, and in blowing snow, it is important to protect yourselves. Sometimes such weather actually provides stronger rays from the sun than the clear conditions’, said Johnsen.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today