Support campaign has collected 850,000 kroner for children of bus driver

Collision between car and bus at Sørås in Bergen.Photo: Terje Bringsvor Nilsen/Fanaposten / NTB scanpix

After a frontal collision claimed the life of a bus driver (57) at Sørås in Bergen, a fundraising campaign has now raised 850,000 kroner for the two children of the driver.

The frontal collision also claimed the life of the 19-year-old driver of a car, while the passenger of the same age survived.

The fundraising campaign ends in two days after lasting 30 days, Bergensavisen writes. On 18 July, the amount collected was 850,660 kroner.

Trude Kjærgård, who started the support campaign, says the children have had an extremely difficult time since the accident. Until the summer, Kjærgård was the teacher of the oldest of the children. In addition to the campaign, greetings have also been sent to the family.

“They are infinitely grateful. Everyone who has given has also left a greeting, and the mother and children have read through them all,” Kjærgård says.

The fundraising campaign is carried out through Spleis, a solution created by Sparebank 1. Six per cent of the total fundraising therefore goes to the bank.

Christine Meling, Communications Director at Sparebank 1, says that the fee goes to cover the bank’s costs of running the service, and that they are not left with any profit.

“We have a dedicated team, consisting of eleven people, who work to ensure that collectors succeed in collecting as much money as possible.”

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