Support for strict alcohol policies

Wine Vinmonopolet SystembolagetWine: available at the Wine monopoly only. Photo: Norway Today Media

There is overwhelming public support for continuing with the liquor scheme, alcohol advertising ban and the 20-year limit to buy liquor in the country.

It comes from a survey Sentio Research has conducted, commissioned by Actis.
– Figures show that a softening of alcohol policy as FRP advocates in their program proposals, does not have popular support, says General Secretary Mina Gerhardsen in Actis to newspaper Our Country.
In the survey, 80 percent said they agree that the current system surronding liquor sale should continue. As many as 82 percent want to keep the alcohol advertising ban and 87 percent want to keep the 20-year limit to buy liquor.
Gerhardsen thinks this shows that people understand alcohol as a social problem and that they want a policy that has accountability aims.
The Progress party’s (FRP) program committee want, among other things, to lower the age limit on the purchase of alcohol to 18 years, end the monopoly system on sales of alcoholic beverages and will make alcohol cheaper and more accessible.
FRP’s member in the Health Care Committee, Morten Wold, believes people would have provided different answers if they had been asked differently.
He also stresses that the Progress Party stands for a responsible alcohol policy and does not want the complete deregulation of alcohol in Norway.
Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today