Surgeon drank alcohol during kidney transplantation

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A surgeon at a hospital in Oslo has confessed that he drank alcohol in a break during a kidney transplant. Friday next week the Oslo District Court will decide about the case.

The man can be sentenced to fines or imprisonment for up to three months for violations of the Health, which requires people to abstains drinking alcohol while they are on the job. He may also be ordered to pay restitution to the patient.

– We demand reparation for negligence. A surgeon is supposed to be sober, said patient lawyer Espen Seeberg to news agency NTB.

He said that the incident has had negative consequences for the patient but he will go into detail about this later.

According to the indictment police could not prove that the surgeon was affected by alcohol before he began to operate. But during the operation, he took thus a break and left it to a colleague to continue the procedure.

Although he went out and drank alcohol. When he returned, responded colleague, was asking him to leave the operating room.

If the police had the possibility to prove that he was intoxicated while he performed the surgery, he would also have been charged under the Criminal Code, which would result in a more severe penalty.

Since man has confessed about the case, the case was without indictment and the main proceedings in court. Board of Health has already deprived his authorization.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today