Survey: 85% of Norwegians support the bus drivers’ strike

Hans-Christian GabrielsenPhoto: Terje Pedersen / NTB

A total of 85% of Norwegians have some or a large degree of sympathy with the country’s striking bus drivers, according to a survey conducted by Opinion for Fagbladet and FriFagbevegelse.

A total of 54% of those surveyed largely have sympathy with the bus drivers, while 31% have some sympathy for the strike.

Furthermore, 56% of the respondents agree entirely that bus drivers deserve wages in line with industrial workers. 

A total of 73% believe that it is first and foremost the employers’ responsibility to find a solution to end the strike.

“This also shows that people believe we have balanced and fair demands,” union leader Jørn Eggum in Fellesforbundet noted.

Dialogue established 

On Wednesday afternoon, all of the parties in the bus strike conflict met with the State Conciliator of Norway (Riksmekleren). 

The meeting, which started at 12 noon, is mediator Mats Wilhelm Ruland’s own initiative to end the strike, which is now in its tenth day. 

He told FriFagbevegelse that this strike was the most extensive he has experienced during his tenure at the institution.

“This is an extraordinary measure, and it is up to the parties in the bus conflict to come,” he said.

On Tuesday afternoon, Yrkestrafikkforbundet, Fellesforbundet, Fagforbundet, and Norsk Jernbaneforbund on the employee side and NHO Transport og Spekter on the employer side confirmed that they would meet with the State Conciliator.

Ahead of the meeting, several of the parties on the employee side have said that they expect the employer side to have something to offer.

It has now been ten days since the bus mediation fell apart on September 20. 

This weekend, the strike escalated, and another 4,500 bus drivers joined the 3,800 drivers who were already on strike.

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2 Comments on "Survey: 85% of Norwegians support the bus drivers’ strike"

  1. Pravin B.Shrivastav | 30. September 2020 at 16:08 | Reply

    The best way to resolve the bus-strike crisis is to levy marginally increased travelling cost on passengers as required to compensate for the increase in the bus drivers’ remuneration.

  2. I agree, Pravin. As a pensjonist passenger, I’m willing to pay more, but the administrators themselves should be checked to see they aren’t top-heavy, adding unnecessary costs.

    And I too support the drivers, even though – although good friends helped me over the weekend – the buses are my only means of local transportation.

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