Suspicion of listeria bacteria in rakfisk

RakfiskPhoto: HAADEM FISK

The Norwegian Food Safety Authority has made preliminary findings of listeria bacteria in a bucket of rakfisk (fermented fish) from the producer Haadem Fisk in Valdres.

Samples were sent to the Veterinary Institute for analysis after an outbreak, and the preliminary results give a strong suspicion of unacceptable amounts of listeria bacteria in a specific batch, writes the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

In particular, pregnant women, elderly people with poor health, and people with impaired immune systems should avoid products that may pose a risk of listeria infection. For most, the bacterium is otherwise rarely serious.

It is a batch from Haadem Fisk’s “Whole rakfisk in a bucket – 4kg,” where the findings are made in both fish and preserve-solution.

Due to possible health hazards, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority warns against eating rakfisk from batches with lot number 924, and the manufacturer has started to withdraw the product from the market. The product is marketed throughout the country.

Final test results from the Veterinary Institute will be available on Monday.


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  1. They should salt them up a bit more. That’ll deal with the bacteria problem more hopefully.

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