Svalbard warmest in the country


On Tuesday morning, Svalbard was Norway’s hottest location, which is something so rare as to be virtually unprecedented, said the meteorological service.
The weather stations at Sveagruva and Akseløya were mildest; it was measured 4.1 degrees at 07.00 this morning. Svalbard Airport gave a measurement of 3.8 degrees, while it was 4 degrees at the Pyramid observation center, which shows an overview to meteorologists.

By comparison, the warmest place on mainland Norway was the Ona lighthouse in Møre og Romsdal, at 2.8 degrees. There were also mild temperatures in Svalbard on Monday, reported the VG newspaper.

The reason that it’s colder in the south than in the north is the combination of a massive band of high pressure from Russia that is sending a sharp,icy wind into the mountains from the east, and larger than normal low pressure measurements south of Iceland, which pumps mild air masses north of the Norwegian and Barents Seas .

The temperature record in Longyearbyen for February is 7 degrees Celsius, set in 2012, and it is not impossible that this could be broken this week, estimated the state meteorologist, Unni Thomsen, to the newspaper.

2016 was also a record year for Svalbard, both regarding mild temperatures, and rainfall.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today