Sweden – 35,000 Norwegians waiting for Nordby shopping centre

Svinesund, SwedenSvinesund, Sverige.Photo: Thomas Winje Øijord / Scanpix

Scandinavia’s largest shopping center, Nordby in Sweden, is being waited on by 35,000 Norwegians this coming May 16 as a result of closed liquor stores in Norway.

From only one of the shopping centers near the Swedish border, the Nordby Center near Svinesund, between Monday to Friday this week, 92,000 customers, nearly all Norwegians, visited, writes newspaper Aftenposten.
This weekend, Vinmonopolet closed up for the next four days. This, together with closed food stores in Norway and the 2. Pentecost before May 17, lead to an enormous influx of shopping centers in Sweden.
Centre Manager Ståle Løvheim from Nordby Shopping Center says he expects ‘generally much trade’ from customers, who purchased an average of 600 kroner’s worth of wares each.
“When Norwegians are on vacation and going to Sweden, they go to Nordby. With such a long weekend starting with Saturday and Sunday, many enjoy visiting Sweden. We expect around 35,000 visitors each day this weekend. It might be more. It is always difficult to predict the future,” says Løvheim at the Olav Thon-owned Nordby Center to Aftenposten.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today