Sweden’s glaciers are melting rapidly

IceIllustration.Ice.Photo. wikipedia.org

The glaciers in the Swedish mountains melt – like Norwegian – in fast pace. A glacier that lay between the two countries have completely disappeared on the Swedish side.

There has been Glacier in Rago National Park on the Norwegian side since 2008 which covered an area on the border between Norway and Sweden and now it is completely disappeared from the Swedish side.

The mapping of Sweden’s glaciers has been ongoing since early 90s. The measurements show that glacial melting rate is accelerating.

We can see that many glaciers have decreased significantly in size since 2008, says map engineer Björn Olander in the Swedish map data Lantmäteriet.

In Kebnekaise-massif two glaciers have receded respectively 80 and 60 meters

Also in Norway continues glaciers are melting at most places. According to NVE 30 glaciers last year been reduced and the biggest drop was in Gråfjellsbreen at Folgefonna, which in 2016 lost 117 meters.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today