Swedes indicted for obstruction of justice

MC Club "La Familia" Obstruction of JusticeBiker jacket for the MC Club "La Familia". Photo: Facebook

Swedes indicted for obstruction of Norwegian justice

Four Swedes are charged with obstruction of justice after appearing during a trial against members of the MC Club «La Familia» in Haugesund this autumn.


Constituted Public Prosecutor, Asbjørn Eritsland, has filed an indictment for gross obstruction of justice against the four Swedes who entered the courtroom during the criminal proceedings against six members of the MC Club «La Familia» in Haugesund earlier this year, writes Haugesunds Avis.

According to the accusation, the foursome has key positions in «La Familia» in Sweden, where the club has its main base. The obstruction of justice is punishable by imprisonment for up to ten years, with a minimum sentencing of one year in jail.

In the accusation, it is highlighted that the Swedes’ attendance in courtroom 14 in Haugaland District Court caused fear among several of both the accused and insulted in the criminal case. The Swedes also provided false names.

Gross intimidation

– Their conduct was meant to intimidate both the accused and witnesses in the Haugland District Court. The violation is considered to be gross, emphasising in particular that it has been committed by several persons acting as a group and had an organised feel, states the indictment.

Police Attorney Øyvind Haukland, will be the prosecutor for the case in April next year. He says to Haugesunds Avis that the police are viewing the matter as serious.

– Obstruction of justice is something we view as serious, says Haukland.

During the aforementioned trial in October, six men were convicted of gross violence, robbery and kidnapping of a 27-year-old man in Haugesund on January 27 this year. Four were sentenced to jail and the alleged Local Leader of «La Familia», a 44-years-old, was sentenced to two and a half years in prison. Two of the defendants was sentenced to community service. None of the six owns a motorcycle.


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