Swedes want to retain the monarchy

Sweden's Queen Silvia and King Carl GustafSweden's Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf ride an open carriage to the concert at the Nordic Museum in Stockholm, Sweden, April 29, 2016. TT News Agency/Anders Wiklund/via REUTERS

King Carl Gustaf (70), in a nice birthday gift from the people, 65 percent of Swedes want to retain the monarchy, according to a poll.

In a poll Sifo did for the Swedish newspaper Dagbladet, 24 percent of respondents preferred abolishment of the current system of government.
In all age groups, the majority prefer to retain the monarchy. Four out of five socialist sympathizers and over 50 percent of the general coalition prefer monarchy. Only those in the Left Party have a majority view in favor of a republic, according to the poll.
The poll is consistent with an annual survey that the University of Gothenburg makes each year to survey the Swedes’ attitudes to the monarchy. Last year, 66 percent said it is a bad idea to introduce a republic into Sweden.
Meanwhile, confidence in the Swedish royal family has decreased steadily since 1995, says Lennart Nilsson at the University of Gothenburg to Svenska Dagbladet on the king’s 70th birthday.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today