Swedish became world champion in mosquito-swatting

mosquitoMosquito.Photo: Sara Johannessen / NTB scanpix

Swedish Kristoffer Eker Sund has won the World Cup in mosquito-swatting, having whacked 135 insects within 15 minutes.

The reigning world champion, Swedish Tommy Kyrö, did not defend his title from last year. He ended up with only 98 mosquitoes and had to settle for third place at the World Championships in Övertorneå, reported P4 Norrbotten.

Lasse Petterman hijacked second place after slapping 113 mosquitos and then collected them in a pitcher.

42 participants lined up for the mosquito Championships, held for the second consecutive year. Eker Sund tells what the recipe is behind victory.

– I will not reveal too much, but in general it is the black clothes, a little sweat and to stand completely still, he said in his victory interview.

Besides glory the winner receives a trophy and a cash prize of 10,000 Swedish kroner, this year’s world champion came away with a mosquito killing machine. It obviously comes handy in this part of Sweden.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today