Swedish Corona Commission: Sweden’s handling of the pandemic has been weak and slow

Stefan LöfvenPhoto: Fredrik Sandberg / TT / NTB

According to the new report of the Swedish Corona Commission, Sweden’s handling of the pandemic has been weak and slow.

“The first protective measures were insufficient to stop or even sharply limit the spread of infection in the country,” the commission concluded in its report presented on Friday.

The commission further stated that the Swedish path choice had emphasized infection control measures based on voluntariness and personal responsibility rather than more intrusive measures.

Since the pandemic outbreak, more than 15,000 corona-related deaths and more than 1,170,000 cases of infection have been recorded in the country.

The first report, which was presented on December 15, also addressed the pandemic’s management. The commission then said that “the strategy to protect the elderly failed.”

Second part of the report

In the second part of the report, presented on Friday, the commission had a much broader mandate. It stated that the pandemic preparedness has been poor.

At the same time, they praised the health service.

“The fact that the health service was able to quickly restructure and scale up care for the sick was largely the staff’s merit,” the commission noted. 

“The restructuring has led to an extreme strain on the employees and led to canceled and postponed care. We will therefore live with the consequences of the pandemic for a long time to come.”

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  1. The Swedish government’s and medical experts’ “handling” of the pandemic amounted to negligent homicide … medical murder … 21st Century Ättestupa.

    The Swedish Corona Commission shows itself to be weak and slow – symptomatic of the Swedish malady.

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