Swedish Prime Minister: Everyone must do more to stop the outbreak

Stefan LofvenPhoto: Henrik Montgomery / TT via AP

Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven asked everyone to do more to stop the outbreak. 

In a televised speech to the nation, Stefan Löfven said that people’s lives are still in danger – and that he fears that the danger will increase if the Swedes do not do something soon.

“Human health and life are still in danger, and the danger is increasing. More and more people are infected, more and more intensive care units are used to care for very sick corona patients, more and more people die,” Löfven said.

Christmas fears

Löfven had a clear message to the Swedes regarding the Christmas holidays.

“What we do now will affect how the Lucia (note: Saint Lucy’s Day) and Christmas celebrations turn out, and who will still be with us for Christmas. 

“It may sound harsh and brutal, but that is the harsh and brutal reality,” he noted.

“More and more people are dying. Let us remember the over 6,000 people in Sweden who have already died of COVID-19,” he continued.

“Do more”

Löfven said that the Swedes should now work from home and cancel all activities that could lead to more coronavirus cases. 

“Everyone must do more. Only meet the people you live with. If you live alone, choose one or a maximum of two friends to hang out with, but keep your distance. 

“Stay home at the slightest symptom, and wash your hands often and thoroughly,” he said.

The speech did not contain any warnings of new measures. 

It focused more on the seriousness of the situation, as the infection increased dramatically in recent weeks.

Last week, 31,400 new corona infections were reported in Sweden. That is an increase of as much as 24% from the week before.

“The situation is not hopeless”

He ended the speech by saying that the Swedes will later remember how they helped each other in the crisis and showed solidarity.

“Here and now, we must show that we stand together and take responsibility,” he said.

He added that Sweden is in a critical phase of the corona pandemic. However, he also had some words of encouragement for his compatriots.

“To you who think everything is dark now. The situation is not hopeless. Sweden has been tried, but Sweden will succeed,” he concluded.

Corona situation in Norway

As of midnight, a total of 32,755 corona-infected people were registered in Norway since the pandemic began, preliminary figures show.

That is an increase of 406 reported cases in the last 24 hours.

That is 68 more than the day before, but 126 fewer than the night before on Monday last week, according to preliminary figures from the national reporting system for infectious diseases (MSIS).

In the last two days, the increase amounted to 744 reported cases. 

In the last seven days, a total of 3,763 new cases of infection have been registered in Norway. 

More than 2.1 million people have so far been tested for coronavirus in the country.

As of Friday, a total of 306 deaths were registered as a result of the disease.

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  1. So is Lofven ordering everyone to facemask out in public?


    Then the most effective, obvious step Swedes can take is kicking him … and his “medical experts” … out of office.

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