Swedish welfare authorities exposed to hate campaign, imams urge distance

Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan's Mosque in Stockholm. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

As Swedish welfare authorities have become exposed to increasing violent threats the country’s Imams have urged followers to distance themselves from the hate campaign.

Swedish Islamic authorities urge followers against hate campaign

As Swedish welfare authorities have become the target of an online hate campaign, Swedish imams have encouraged followers to distance themselves from such attacks. The Swedish Imam Council and United Islamic Associations have released a written statement in which they urge followers against spreading messages of hate. They have also asked Swedish imams to use Friday prayers to urge their followers against such hate-based campaigns, according to Sveriges Radio.

The campaign against Swedish welfare authorities involves misinformation, manipulation, and fake news about children “kidnapped” from Muslim parents for no apparent reason other than their religion. Videos have emerged online involving crying children and angry parents which have helped sow fear and mistrust throughout immigrant communities in Sweden.

Cases have been “twisted,” protests in Stockholm and Gothenburg

According to Swedish authorities, some of the videos used involve cases where a child has been placed with welfare authorities due to mental and physical abuse and attacks. The videos are seen as a key proponent of a radical Islamist campaign to foster division in Swedish society.

Protests have taken place outside the Swedish parliament (Riksdag) on Monday with a new protest to take place in Gothenburg this Sunday.

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