Swindler network evaded NOK 400 million in tax

Skatt-ØstIllustration.Skatt-Øst. Photo: Norway Today Media

Tax authorities have revealed five fraudulent networks who have helped 4,000 people to claim tax deductions they were not entitled to.

According to Aftenposten, this is probably Norway’s largest tax fraud carried out by private individuals.

One of the five swindlers is standing trial in Nedre Romerike District Court this week for having claimed incorrect deductions on 1,040 tax returns.

The tax evasion has been valued to be over NOK 67 million, whereby the man has earned NOK 1.5 to 3 million. On Tuesday he admitted to the guilt, but pointed out that if the people at the tax office had done their job, the fraud would not have been possible.

According to Skatt Øst (tax authorities), the five swindler networks they have uncovered until now is only the beginning: The Tax Office is following an additional 15-20 networks.