Buried in an avalanche near the Brunstad horn

Air Ambulance SykkylvenNorsk Luftambulanse AS operate all the medical helicopter bases in Norway as of 2018. Photo: Norwegian Air Ambulance

Buried in an avalanche near the Brunstad horn in the “Alps”

“A person is buried in an avalanche at the Brunstad horn (Brunstadhornet) in the Sunnmøre Alps. The emergency services are on their way to Sykkylven,” the police in Møre & Romsdal reports.

“The avalanche has occurred in Sykkylven in the direction of Langsætra. Air ambulance, the Avalanche Rescue Group and avalanche dogs are on their way,” according to them.

The police inform at around 5 pm that there are difficult flying conditions in the area. Thus, the air ambulance cannot be present on-site. Work is underway to plan alternative ways of getting into the avalanche area.

There have been a total of six avalanches in Sunnmøre during the day, the local newspaper Sunnmørsposten writes.

There was an avalanche on Ystevasshornet in Sykkylven around 3 pm on Saturday. This is estimated to be around 30 meters wide and approximately 30–40 meters deep. No one was taken by, or injured in, that avalanche, according to the newspaper.

Avalanche at Sandegga as well

Additionally, a hiking group triggered an avalanche on Sandegga in Austefjord at around 2 pm. No one was injured there, either. Besides these, there has also been an avalanche on the eastern mountainside of Grødalstindane in Ørsta and in the Hjørund fjord.

According to varsom.no, is the avalanche danger for Sunnmøre moderate. This as the wind has moved fresh snow, forming sheets of snow. In the warning, people are encouraged to be cautious in steep areas until the fresh snow has stabilised.

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