Sylvi Listhaug will evaluate Danish asylum proposals

Sylvi ListhaugSylvi Listhaug (Progress Party). Photo: Progress Party

Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug (Frp) is in favor of the Danish Social Democrats proposal to remove the right to apply for asylum on Danish soil.


The Danish Social Democrats party leader, Mette Fredriksen, on Monday said that Denmark should establish its own reception centers for refugees in other countries while closing access to asylum on Danish soil.

While Høyres Immigration Policy spokeswoman, Kristin Ørmen Johnsen, has said she is critical of the Danish proposal, Listhaug is positive, writes Minerva.

“As stated in the government platform, one of the opportunities we must look at – in cooperation with the EU – is to create asylum centers outside of Europe,” says Listhaug.

She says she hopes that the Labor Party will now learn from her sister party in Denmark, so that Frp can get a majority vote for better asylum control.

“The last time the Labor Party did something concrete about asylum policy, it ended up with liberalizations for Afghan men without asylum needs. The Labor Party has, in recent decades, exposed Norway to an asylum policy that has led to hundreds of thousands of non-western immigrants in record time.”

She believes that the Labor Party must learn from her Danish colleagues.

“I hope they now wake up and listen to their sister party and join us in tightening family immigration and higher demands on citizenship applications,” said Justice Minister.


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